Conference Presentations

2020 “How Parental Detentions and Deportations Impact Young Adults’ Roles and Educational Trajectories,” American Sociological Association, San Francisco (Conference cancelled due to COVID19)

“I’ll Be Risking Myself Just to Get an Education’: How Immigration Enforcement Affects Immigrant Young Adults’ Educational Experiences”

  • Society for the Study of Social Problems Annual Conference, San Francisco (Conference cancelled due to COVID19)
  • UndocU 2.0 Conference at CSU Long Beach (Conference cancelled due to COVID19)

“Undocumented Young Adults—The Consequences of the Trump Administration,” (with Marisol Clark-Ibañez, Juan Duran, Sarai Maldonado, and Sussana Mendoza) Society for Research on Adolescence, San Diego (Conference cancelled due to COVID19)

2019 “I Became a Mom Overnight’: How the Deportation of a Parent Affects Immigrant Young Adults’ Educational Experiences,” Society for the Study of Social Problems Annual Conference, New York

2018 “Understanding the Consequences of Parental Detentions and Deportations on Immigrant Young Adults,” Migrant Illegality Across Uneven Legal Geographies convening, Brown University

2017 “On the Path to College: Undocumented Students Disclosing their Immigration Status to School Personnel,” Sociology of Education Association Annual Conference, Monterrey Bay

2016 “Constructing Imagined Futures: Undocumented Young Adults Coping with Illegality,” American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, DC

2015 “The Political Incorporation of Undocumented Youth,(with Angela S. Garcia and Tom K. Wong). American Sociological Association Annual Conference, Chicago

2014 (Keynote Speaker) “UndocuGrads: First Annual Graduate School Conference for Undocumented Students,” University of California San Diego

“Underground Undergrads: How DACA has Opened the Doors of Opportunity,” (with Monserrat Garibay and Diana Valdivia). 43rd Annual National Association for Bilingual Education Conference, San Diego

2013 “Undocumented Youth Activism: Resilience in spite of Anti-Immigrant Policies,” Illegality, Youth, and Belonging Conference, Harvard Graduate School of Education

“DREAM ACTivism: Offline and Online Activism for Undocumented Immigrant Youth Rights,” Society for Psychological Anthropology and the Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group, San Diego

Selected Invited Presentations

2020 Harvard LatinXcellence Celebration, graduating student speaker, Harvard Latino Alumni Alliance

Discussion on DACA and SCOTUS, panelist, Katz Center for Mexican Studies at the University of Chicago (Event cancelled due to COVID-19)

2018 “At the Intersection of Immigration, Education, and Advocacy”, panelist, American Educational Research Association Division G Webinar

2017 “Growing Up and Pursuing a College Education as an Undocumented Student,” California State University Dominguez Hills

(Keynote Speaker) “Understanding the Educational Experiences of Undocumented Students and Identifying Ways to Support Them,” University of Washington

“The Immigration System and Its Effects on Undocumented Immigrants,” Fullerton College

“The Mental Health Consequences of Growing Up Undocumented,” The Center for Excellence in School Counseling and Leadership Annual Conference, San Diego State University

2016 “UndocuGrads: Navigating graduate school as an undocumented student,” California State University Northridge; Dream SF Fellowship

“My (Un)Documented Life: Organizing and Pursuing Graduate School as an Undocumented Student,” Brown University

“US v Texas: Next Steps for Lawyers and the Immigrant Rights Movement,” Harvard University Law School

“Café Con Caro: Series on the Undocumented Student Experience,” Latin@ Center at California State University of San Marcos

“Identifying and Meeting the Needs of Undocumented Students,” Tufts University

2015 “Rad Grads: Undocumented Students in Grad School,” panel presentation, United We Dream

“Dignity Days #2: Higher Education,” panel presentation, America’s Voice

“Research Opportunities,” and “Finding support in graduate school,” panel presentations, UndocuGrads Conference, University of California Merced

2014 “Social Sciences,” panel presentation, California Diversity Forum for Diversity in Higher Education

“Surveying Undocumented Youth: Stories are data and data is power,” United We Dream National Congress

“The Making of a Movement: Undocumented immigrants organizing offline and online,” San Diego Dream Team Annual Retreat

2013 “Undocumented No More: A Nationwide Analysis of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” panel presentation, Center for Comparative Immigration Studies

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