Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles 

Valdivia, Carolina, Marisol Clark-Ibañez, and Daniela Carreon. 2022. I’ll Be Risking Myself Just to Get an Education’: How Local-Level Immigration Enforcement Impacts Undocumented Students’ Pathways to College.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Valdivia, Carolina, Marisol Clark-Ibañez, Lucas Schacht, Juan Duran, and Sussana Mendoza. 2021. “Heightened Uncertainty and Determination: The ‘Trump Effect’ and College Aspirations for Undocumented Students.” Journal of College Access 6 (4): 28-43.

Freeman, Rachel and Carolina Valdivia. 2021. “Equity for Undocumented Graduate Students and the Key Role of My Undocumented Life.” Journal of College Access 6 (7): 80-93.

Valdivia, Carolina. 2021. “I Became a Mom Overnight”: How Parental Detentions and Deportations Affect Immigrant Young Adults’ Roles and Educational Trajectories.” Harvard Educational Review 91 (1): 62-82.

  • 2020 Outstanding Graduate Student Paper Award, Honorable Mention, Section on Children & Youth, American Sociological Association

Wong, Tom K., S. Deborah Kang, Carolina Valdivia, Josefina Espino, Michelle Gonzalez, and Elia Peralta. 2020. “How Interior Immigration Enforcement Affects Trust in Law Enforcement.” Perspectives on Politics 19 (2): 357-370.

Valdivia, Carolina. 2019. “Expanding Geographies of Deportability: How Immigration Enforcement at the Local-Level Affects Undocumented and Mixed-Status FamiliesLaw & Policy 41 (1): 103-119.

Wong, Tom K., Angela Garcia, and Carolina Valdivia. 2019. “The Political Incorporation of Undocumented Youth.Social Problems 66 (3): 356-372.

Valdivia, Carolina and Diana Valdivia. 2014. “My Un(DACA)mented Life: Experiences of Undocumented Young Adults Growing Up and Resisting through Activism.” Journal of Transborder Studies. 

Special Issues
Edelina M. Burciaga, Lisa M. Martinez, Kevin Escudero, Andrea Flores, Joanna Perez, and Carolina Valdivia. 2019. Special Issue on “Migrant Illegality across Uneven Legal Geographies.” Law & Policy Volume 41, No. 1.

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

Valdivia, Carolina, Marisol Clark-Ibañez, Josefina Espino, and Carolina Lopez. 2021. “You Can’t Learn If You Don’t Feel Safe”: Educators Working with Undocumented High School Students.” In Why They Hate Us: How Racist Rhetoric Impacts Education, Susana M. Muñoz and Lindsay Perez Huber, Editors. New York: Teachers College Press.

Valdivia, Carolina. 2020“Undocumented Young Adults’ Heightened Vulnerability in the Trump Era.” In We Are Not Dreamers: Undocumented Scholars Theorize Undocumented Life in the United Statesby Leisy J. Abrego and Genevieve Negron-Gonzales, Editors. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

Valdivia, Carolina. 2019. “Youth Activism.” In Il/legal Encounters: Migration, Detention, and Deportation in the Lives of Young People, by Deborah A. Boehm and Susan J. Terrio, Editors. New York, NY: New York University Press.

Valdivia, Carolina. 2015. “DREAMer Activism: Challenges and Opportunities.” In Undocumented Latino Youth: Navigating Their Worlds, Marisol Clark-Ibañez, Editor. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Research Reports and Working Papers

Valdivia, Carolina, Diana Camilo, Keisha Chin Goosby, Josefina Espino, and Marisol Clark-Ibañez. 2022. “How Schools Can Support Undocumented High School Students: A Guide for Educators, Counselors, and Administrators.” UndocuResearch.

Daria, James, Carolina Valdivia, and Abigail Thornton. 2019. “The Response of Civil Society on Both Sides of the U.S.-Mexico Border,” in The Migrant Caravan: From Honduras to Tijuana. Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies at UC San Diego.

Wong, Tom K., S. Deborah Kang, Carolina Valdivia, Josefina Espino, Michelle Gonzalez, and Elia Peralta. 2019. “How Interior Immigration Enforcement Affects Trust in Law Enforcement,” Working Paper 2. U.S. Immigration Policy Center.

Valdivia, Carolina and Marisol Clark–Ibañez. 2018. “It’s Hard Right Now”: High School Educators Working with Undocumented Students,” Latino Public Policy.

Gonzales, Roberto G., Benjamin Roth, Kristina Brant, Jaein Lee, and Carolina Valdivia. 2016. “DACA at Year Three: Challenges and Opportunities in Accessing Higher Education and Employment,” American Immigration Council.

Jaein Lee, Carolina Valdivia, and Kristina Brant. 2015. “Who is Gaining the Most from Obama’s Deferred Action Program for Young Adult Undocumented Immigrants?” Scholars Strategy Network.

Wong, Tom K and Carolina Valdivia. 2014. “In Their Own Words: A Nationwide Survey of Undocumented Millennials.” Working Paper 191. Center for Comparative Immigration Studies.

Book Reviews

Review of Sacrificing Families: Navigating Laws, Labor, and Love Across Borders by Leisy Abrego. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2014, in Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Review of Everyday Illegal: When Policies Undermine Immigrant Families by Joanna Dreby. Oakland: University of California Press, 2015, in Contemporary Justice Review.

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